Beaumonts Metric SL version Wall Mounted Optics Set 6 with 25ml measures

Beaumonts Metric SL version Wall Mounted Optics Set 6 with 25ml measures

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Beaumont's Metrix SL Bar Optic is a premium quality spirit dispenser that is widely used in UK pubs and bars.

It features a reliable, non drip mechanism that is hygienic, easy to operate and boasts a proven reliability in delivering accurate measures time and time again

The Metrix SL optic spirit measure is available in 25ml, 35ml and 50ml volumes. Its push back lever allows single hand operation so you can pour two drinks at once!

These optics are government stamped for use in the UK with the prescribed spirits – whisky, gin, vodka and rum - and are suitable for both commercial establishments (pubs, restaurants, etc.) and home use.

To operate the Metrix SL spirit measure, simply place the optic into your bottle using the correct size optic cork and push back against the lever with the rim of your glass.

Beaumont Metrix SL Product Information

  • The preferred premium optic in UK pubs
  • 25ml, 35ml or 50ml CE marked
  • Reliable non-drip mechanism
  • Hygienic and easy to operate
  • Smooth dispense action
  • Push back lever
  • Single hand operation
  • Manufactured in the UK

What Is A Bar Optic Spirit Measure Dispenser?

An optic spirit measure is used to pour an accurate measure of spirits in a bar. It is placed in an upside down bottle (of vodka, gin, scotch, etc.) which in turn is mounted to either a shelf bracket or wall bracket to keep it in place. An must be placed in the bottle before installing the optic.

A measure (25ml, 35ml or 50ml) is then poured by pressing a glass against the trigger mechanism which may be either a push back lever or a push up spindle. Note that the freeflow version of this optic will continue to dispense the spirit until the trigger is released.

The Metrix SL Optic Spirit Measure by Beaumont features an easy action, push back mechanism so the glass must be position against the lever and pushed back to activate the pour.

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